EastEnders plans “big autumn” revenge drama for Stuart and the Carters, reveals Ricky Champ

"Stuart is going to get much, much worse"

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Stuart Highway’s current campaign of revenge against the Carter clan will continue long past the summer, says the man at the centre of it all – EastEnders actor Ricky Champ. “Stuart, Halfway and the Carter family have a big autumn ahead of them – and trust me when I say that Stuart is going to get much, much worse. He is going to be very driven in order to get what he wants.”


The character of Stuart was last glimpsed staring at a wall filled with photographs of the Carters as he planned the next move of his vendetta. Speaking to Inside Soap, Champ and Tony Clay (who plays Stuart’s brother Halfway) warned that the Walford villain will soon be seen upping the ante.

Commented Clay: “You’ll see even more of Stuart’s manipulative side and find out whether blood is thicker than water for Halfway. They’ll always be brothers, but how long can Halfway let Stuart go on the way that he is? He’s set to feel really tortured over it.”


And it also seems that despicable Stuart has made an impact on the general public, who – according to Champ – were initially wary about approaching him on the street. Said the actor:

“My wife and I have both noticed that we are being noticed more. I think that if I was playing someone a bit more accessible, people would come up and speak to me straight away – but instead I get a lot of looks where I see them clock me and think to themselves, ‘Oh God, that’s him.’

“Initially that just happened, though I reckon I’m winning them over slightly now. They come up to me in the street and say, ‘You’re disgusting’, but in a good way!”


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