Classic TV worlds collide as ITV’s Endeavour visits the Crossroads motel

But will Morse meet Amy Turtle?

Endeavour (ITV, EH)

In one of the most unlikely pairings in television, the world of Colin Dexter’s creation Endeavour Morse is to collide onscreen with… ITV soap Crossroads.


Yes, unbelievable as it sounds, it looks as if the character of Inspector Morse, now a mere Detective Sergeant in Morse prequel Endeavour, is going to be shown staying at a motel in Kings Oak in the episode airing a week on Sunday.

And as many TV fans know, Kings Oak was the fictional Midlands area where long-running ITV soap Crossroads was set.

We spotted the reference 31 seconds into the extended trailer for series five (below) and sources on the ITV show (written by Russell Lewis) assure us that yes indeed, this is quite deliberate.

As far as the production is concerned, Shaun Evans’ Morse does stay at the Crossroads motel while travelling around the Midlands on the hunt for the killer of a young woman…

Given that Endeavour is set in 1968, it’s unlikely that he will come across Crossroads favourite Benny, the likeable handyman with the beanie hat (played by Paul Henry), because the character joined in 1975.

But tune in on Sunday 18th February to see if he meets 1960s favourites like Meg, Jill or legendary cleaner Amy Turtle…

This article was originally published in February 2018


Endeavour season five airs on PBS Masterpiece on Sundays, 9/8c