Coronation Street: Carla back in the factory – and back with Peter? Alison King teases the future

"They love each other, no matter what has gone on…"


Coronation Street’s Carla Connor is back in business next week when Alya Nazir relents and returns the reins of Underworld to her ex-boss, having realised how important keeping the factory in the family was to the late Aidan Connor.


In need of further funds to buy back the firm at the price Alya is asking, Carla receives a surprising proposition from former partner Peter Barlow who offers a financial investment. Understandably, she’s wary of being tied to her one-time husband – can the doomed pair avoid temptation to mix the professional and the personal? We caught up with cobbles favourite Alison King to find out…


Did seeing Aidan’s DVD interview about donating his kidney help Carla with her grief?
It was a bit of a shock to watch it, but it helped with the guilt she played a part in his death a little because he says he would do anything to save her life. It also helped Carla realise he was perhaps going to kill himself then, but didn’t because he wanted to help her.

Why was she feeling so guilty over Aidan’s death?
Giving him the responsibility of the factory made Carla feel like she was to blame for what he did, and after he died she couldn’t fix everybody like she normally does, she felt out of control and then had the meltdown and fought Alya for the factory.

Will having Underworld back give Carla focus?
Yes, and she needs that. She admits to Johnny that fighting Alya for the business was about having something to do to take her mind off Aidan, rather than facing her pain. In my head running the factory is her self-medication.


Why does struggle to open up and admit her feelings?
Carla has many different layers, she is caring on the inside but the way she was brought up it was a case of ‘you get on or you get out’. Nothing in her life has been constant, either she has pressed self destruct or the person she is with has self destructed so she is not used to being happy. Underworld is the nearest she feels to being in control.

Peter offers to help her secure the factory, what keeps drawing them back together?
Essentially they just love each other and it is a very kind relationship under the surface, no matter what has gone on. They can’t do anything about their chemistry, they could never hate each other.

Do you think they are good together?
No I think they are better apart, but I like working with Chris Gascoyne so much that I don’t want that to be the case! I enjoy the on/off nature of the relationship.

Is she worried about getting close to him if he invests in the factory?
Absolutely, and she is angry he is trying to be her saviour and thinks she’ll just roll over. But she protests too much really, it’s like in the playground when you hit the boy because you really like him, that’s how she is with Peter.


What does Michelle think about it?
She is worried and sticks her oar in, she’s very against the idea. Forget the men, the relationship between Michelle and Cala is the most important one for them both, they will always have each other’s back. They get each other, they have a laugh and I like how that comes through, even when they are screaming at each other there is unconditional love.

Do you think Carla and Peter will be able to resist mixing business with pleasure?
Carla will want to try and keep it above board, but she is a swan on the surface with her feet going like crazy underneath. She knows going into business with Peter is not ideal and would be disastrous, but she needs him and she hates the fact that she does.

Ben Price is returning as Nick soon, how will that impact on Carla and Peter?
It will be interesting to find out, I hope it does have an impact. Nick was the love of Carla’s life, he was the calm one, the calm grown up, the one that would have been good for her… and then there is Peter who couldn’t be more different! There is a lot there to be explored.


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