EastEnders: Stuart goes on rampage – and stabs photo of Mick! Here’s what happens next

Stuart lashes out - are the Carters now in danger?


An increasingly unhinged Stuart Highway has just trashed his flat and stabbed an old photo of Mick Carter after going completely off the rails in tonight’s EastEnders. Fans of the BBC1 soap were left fretting for Mick’s future after his childhood friend appeared to vow deadly revenge in the aftermath of a violent showdown.


In the run-up to the rampage, Mick was seen confronting Stuart about his attack on Tina two decades ago and getting him in a choke hold before abandoning him. But as Mick returned to the Queen Vic and told Linda that Stuart was out of their lives, the man himself was left seething and hellbent on retribution.

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Tomorrow’s episode of EastEnders will see Stuart resurface on the Square with claims that Tina has damaged his car. Pretty soon, the pair are coming face to face in the launderette, where Stuart begs Tina to tell everyone that she got it wrong about what he supposedly did to her. But when Tina refuses to back, Stuart confronts her about keying his car.

By the end of Tuesday’s instalment, things will have escalated dramatically when – during another confrontation, this time at the Arches – Stuart goads Tina about their shared history. Tina then snaps and blames Stuart for ruining her life before lashing out and attacking him, leaving his lifeless body on the floor of the Arches.

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EastEnders isn’t yet revealing whether Tina has actually killed Stuart, but what we can reveal is that Tina will face arrest in next Thursday’s episode for the attack, while Mick desperately calls around all his old mates to see if Stuart let slip to any of them about what he did all those years ago…


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