Who are the couples on Love Island 2018?

These are all the latest couples currently in the Love Island villa

Kaz and Josh on Love Island

The latest recoupling on Love Island has taken place – and the first few islanders have left.


But who are the couples that are currently sticking it on in the villa and getting grafting?

After the boys were sent away to Casa Amor for a couple of days, they dramatically returned to the villa to discover whether the girls they had left behind had been busy grafting with new boys – or whether they’d stuck with the boys they’d coupled up with it.

Here are all the couples that are currently paired up on the ITV2 show:

Alexandra and Alex 

Alex and Alexandra on Love Island
Alex and Alexandra on Love Island (ITV)

At a recoupling ceremony, new girl Alexandra had a tough choice to make: would she pick Dr Alex, Idris Virgo or Kieran Nicholls a to pair up with?

After some deliberation, she finally chose Alex – dumping both Kieran and Idris from the villa immediately.

Dani and Jack

Dani and Jack on Love Island
Dani and Jack on Love Island (ITV)

After a HIDEOUS turn that saw Dani being shown some very misleading footage of Jack in the villa, everything for Love Island’s favourite couple looked rather rocky.

However, thank goodness, Dani and Jack decided to recouple with one another and even had a kiss at the recoupling ceremony. Everyone: BREATHE.

Laura and Jack Fowler

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Just before Casa Amor, Laura and Wes imploded and Megan and Wes started cracking on. Which left Laura single when the new boys came into the villa. It didn’t take long for Jack (Fowler, not Fincham…) to start grafting with Laura. And the graft paid off! The two are now a couple in the villa.

Megan and Wes

Wes Megan Love Island 2018
Wes Megan Love Island 2018

Yep, you did read that correctly. When Megan and new Alex were voted one of the least popular couples by viewers, it was down to singleton Wes to choose one of the girls to recouple with.

It didn’t really come as a shock that he stole Megan back – again – from Alex, and the pair were back together. Again. However what was shocking was the speed Megan walked away from Alex, with barely a backwards glance…

Josh and Kaz

Kaz and Josh on Love Island
Kaz and Josh on Love Island (ITV)

If Josh looks a little, um, sheepish in this picture, it’s not hard to realise why. Not sure about what to do, he decided to recouple up with Kaz and bring her back to the villa. To make himself feel better, he explained, he hoped that Georgia had done the same thing and had also recoupled with a new boy.

But there was no such luck. Georgia had stayed loyal to him and looked pretty heartbroken when Josh – who she she said she had feelings for – came back with a new partner.

Who’s currently single on Love Island?

At the moment, the single islanders are Georgia Steel, Sam BirdJosh MairPaul KnopsStephanie Lam and Laura Crane


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2