Emmerdale: has Lachlan just murdered Rebecca? Here’s what happens next

Has the teen psychopath just killed again?

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Lachlan White looks to have claimed another victim on Emmerdale following a showdown with his aunt Rebecca. Killer Lachlan seems set on wiping out half the village, having already bumped off mum Chrissie, granddad Lawrence and best mate Gerry, while the whereabouts of con man Terry are currently unknown. But his plan to do away with Robert and Liv by causing noxious gas to fill Mill Cottage was stymied by Rebecca, who stumbled across her nephew’s latest scene of attempted murder. But has she paid for the discovery with her life?


This evening’s hour-long episode of the ITV soap ended with Aaron returning home and finding both Liv and Robert passed out at Mill Cottage. We then cut to a woodland scene, with Lachlan standing by the open boot of his car with a bloody spanner in one hand and Rebecca’s mobile phone in the other. All of which seems to suggest that Lachlan has just added to his already high body count…


As for what happens next, what we’ll see is the Emmerdale villages growing increasingly concerned by Rebecca’s sudden disappearance, what with her having vanished without a trace. But events look set to take a surprising turn when Lydia finds Rebecca’s memory book in Lachlan’s car boot and demands answers. Lachlan then lies and tells her that the book must have fallen from Rebecca’s bag, but will Lydia believe him?

In order to strengthen his version of events, Lachlan will then be seen faking a text from Rebecca to himself as the day of his birthday dawns. However, viewers can expect Lachlan to eventually lose his temper when he’s quizzed about Rebecca’s whereabouts. A worried Robert decides to search Rebecca’s for clues as to where she could be, but what he finds shocks him to the core. Just what has Robert discovered? And could it finally be all over for Lachlan?


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