EastEnders: Stuart reveals his guilt as he makes a big mistake – here’s what Tina does next

Events look set to take a potentially deadly turn

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Sinister Stuart Highway inadvertently revealed that he WAS responsible for abducting Tina Carter in tonight’s episode of EastEnders. Having initially tried to convince Tina of his innocence before pledging to hunt down the guilty party, Stuart ended up making a mistake when he mentioned the attacker had called her “a slag”. With Tina having not revealed this key detail, the slip on Stuart’s part left her utterly convinced of his guilt. The trouble is, Stuart’s gaslighting of his victim has left Tina reeling, with her last being seen getting drunk alone at the E20 and lashing out at a group of male clubbers.

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Thursday’s episode of EastEnders will see Linda start to pick up on Tina’s behaviour around Stuart and ends up probing her about what’s going on. With Mick overhearing outside, Tina breaks down and reveals what Stuart did. In a state of shock, Mick then meets with Stuart, but fails to ask him about what Tina has said.

All of which sets the stage for a shock showdown in next week’s episodes that could see Tina facing a future behind bars. The upcoming drama will see Stuart claim that Tina has damaged his car. Tina then visits the laundrette while running errands for Mick, only to come face to face with Stuart, who begs her to tell everyone that she got it wrong about he supposedly did to her. But when Tina refuses to back, Stuart confronts her about keying his car.

By the end of Tuesday’s episode, things will have escalated dramatically when – during another confrontation, this time at the Arches – Stuart goads Tina about their shared history. Tina then snaps and blames Stuart for ruining her life before lashing out and attacking him, leaving his lifeless body on the floor of the Arches.

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EastEnders isn’t yet revealing whether Tina has actually killed Stuart, but what we can reveal is that Tina will face arrest in next Thursday’s episode for the attack, while Mick desperately calls around all his old mates to see if Stuart let slip to any of them about what he did all those years ago…


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