When is the next recoupling happening on Love Island 2018?

This is when we can next expect to see the islanders gathered around the fire pit for a tense session of recoupling

Caroline Flack, Love Island (ITV, EH)

There’s always so much drama on Love Island – but one of the biggest sources of tears, fallouts and proper muggy behaviour is the recouplings.


So when can we next expect a Flack Attack in the villa? And when will the islanders be faced with the prospect of a recoupling?

After the arrival of new contestants Idris Virgo, Kieran Nicholls and Alexandra Cane, there is going to be a recoupling on Friday 13th July.

The girls will have the pick of the boys in the next recoupling, and Dr Alex, Idris and Kieran have all been battling it out for Alexandra’s attention, so their fate lies in her hands…

In the Beach Hut before the recoupling, Alexandra says: “Ultimately, the decision is down to me. I have now got to choose between Alex, Kieran and Idris… The three guys that I’ve got to choose between, they are all so nice. It’s just making my decision really, really hard because they are all so lovely and I don’t want to send anybody home… I’ve got to go with my instinct and who my mind and heart is telling me.”

Who will Alexandra choose? Could this finally be the end of the road for unlucky-in-love Dr Alex? Or will Idris or Kieran’s Love Island experience be over before it’s even begun?


Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2