Coronation Street: who was Greg Kelly and how did he con Sally Metcalfe?

Sal's been duped by Duncan, but he's not the first man to string her along

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Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe is licking her wounds having been conned by shady Duncan Radfield, who duped her into signing over a lucrative council grant for his non-existent charity and has now done a runner with the dosh.


Tonight’s episode, Friday 13 July, showed upset Sal forced to step down as mayor of Weatherfield to avoid an embezzlement scandal and tearfully recall to husband Tim how she was taken for a fool before by a nasty man called Greg Kelly.

The incident with gruesome Greg was almost 20 years back, so for those who may not recall what went on here’s a quick recap on the cobbles cad who made the future mayor’s life a misery back in the 90s…

Who was he?
Dangerous dish Greg turned up on the street in 1998 looking for his long-lost dad, Les Battersby, who didn’t even realise a holiday romance on a travelling fairground nearly 30 years before had resulted in a love child. Greg had known from an early age who his father was, but it wasn’t until he was all grown up he went looking for him – and discovered he was descended from the street’s laziest layabout.

Why did he get involved with Sally?
Greg established himself as a chancer with big ambitions and an eye for the ladies. Initially going into business with former king of Underworld Mike Baldwin, he had his sights set on eclipsing the cockney factory boss and starting up his own rival undies empire. But for that, he needed investment…


How did he con her?
Sally Webster (as she was then) had just inherited a tidy sum from her mum’s will so Greg started sniffing around the vulnerable housewife with pound signs flashing in his eyes. Quickly mixing business with pleasure, suave Greg flattered Sal into sharing her finances and starting an affair, so she left husband Kevin to move in with him. When his underwear venture started to collapse Greg lost his cool as he lost Sal’s cash – resentful after Sally confided in friend Gail how difficult things were, he hit her.

When did she realise?
Stunned Sally threatened to leave once the relationship turned violent, but Greg begged for forgiveness and swore it would never happen again. That was a lie, as he was desperate to extricate himself from their relationship but keep his mitts on her money otherwise his business would go bust. When he smacked Sally again, she fled with young Rosie and Sophie and took refuge at Rita’s, finally seeing grim Greg for the conniving snake he was.

What happened to him?
Greg’s life fell apart after Sal scarpered – left high and dry and forced to live with the Battersbys he spiralled into debt and blamed Sally for everything, eventually breaking into Rita’s flat and threatening her. Narrowly escaping another beating, Sally got out and Greg did a runner – only to return a few months later in May 1999 to hold terrified Sally, Rosie and Sophie hostage in their own home. Brave Sally overpowered her abuser, smacking him over the head with a chair, and he was arrested and carted off the street. Strangely, half-sister Leanne and stepsister Toyah never mention their other sibling…


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