Emmerdale: Daz is arrested as Amelia names him as her kidnapper

Amelia may be back home, but the trouble is just beginning for the Spencers


Daz’s liberty hangs in the balance after being arrested on suspicion of kidnapping in tonight’s hour-long episode of Emmerdale. Investigating officers put Daz in handcuffs after Amelia named him as the one who has been holding her captive, but real abductor Beth currently remains at large.


In the run-up to the arrest, Daz was arranged to meet with Amelia’s kidnapper to hand over the ransom cash, but made sure that he was armed with a spanner in case the situation became heated. But Beth fled after spotting the weapon, only to be left panicked herself when Amelia snuck out of the flat where she’d been staying.


After Beth tracked Amelia down, she told that Daz was responsible for killing her dad. But when Daz then spotted them both, he finally managed to rescue Amelia, scooping her up in his arms as Beth ran off.

The climax to Monday’s episode found Daz taking Amelia home, but when the 11-year-old was questioned by the police, she implicated her uncle in her abduction. After Amelia said that Daz was the one who took her and that he knows Beth, the police slapped the handcuffs on him and took him away.

But will Kerry, Dan and Bernice really believe that Daz is behind the kidnapping. Or is the truth about Beth set to be revealed? Find out when Emmerdale returns to ITV on Wednesday at 7.00pm.


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