EastEnders: Keegan threatens Carmel with a knife! Here’s what happens next

Find out how Carmel reacts in the aftermath of the showdown

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Carmel Kazemi (Bonnie Langford) was left reeling on tonight’s EastEnders after a traumatised Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) was seen threatening her wth her knife. In the run-up to the showdown, Keegan was shown to be on-edge, fearing that members of the gang who knifed him and best mate Shakil would return to the Square to carry out a second attack.


After learning from Bernadette that Keegan’s behaviour has become a cause for concern, Carmel rushed over to see him. But as she banged on the door, a terrified Keegan grabbed a knife to defend himself, unaware that it was Carmel.

Alarmed, Carmel then tried to talk sense into Keegan, but he ended up throwing her support back in her face, telling her she’s just using her youth club plans as a distraction and that it won’t bring Shakil back.

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The trouble is that Keegan’s words won’t have much of an effect on Carmel, who continues to refuse to get involved with making plans for Shakil’s funeral, busying herself instead with organising another youth club event.

But after being on the receiving end of more harsh words from Keegan, Carmel crumbles and shares some harsh words with him before telling everyone that she doesn’t want anyone to attend Shakil’s funeral.

EastEnders - July - September 2018 - 5734

Scenes to be shown this Friday will see Kush insisting that the service will go ahead as planned, but Carmel ignores her pleas to attend. But when Carmel is discovered to have gone missing, Denise desperately tries to find her friend in time. But is Carmel destined to miss her last opportunity to say goodbye to Shakil?


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