7 TV shows that were saved by the fans

From Lucifer to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and beyond, many TV series have been given a second chance thanks to endless campaigning by the fans who love them

Andy Samberg and Craig  Robinson in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (e4, HF)

It’s hard to say goodbye. For some diehard fans facing the cancellation of their favourite shows, it’s downright impossible.


It seems like every other day there is a new hashtag trending on Twitter begging network executives not to cancel a programme, such as the recent #SaveLucifer.

Though this seems like a new phenomenon for the social media age, fans have been attempting to save their favourite shows for decades – they just had to be a little more creative with their efforts.

We’ve compiled a list of second-chance shows throughout television history, from Star Trek to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


They’re from different genres and tell very different stories, but they all have one thing in common: the fans are the real heroes.