Fishing TV to air first global 24-hour live show for World Fishing Day

This Saturday you can literally watch people fishing non-stop for 24 hours on television

Matthew Wright (Fishing TV, EH)

Saturday 23rd June 2018 is an important day. No, not because it’s the second anniversary of Brexit, but because it’s the first EVER World Fishing Day.


Now if that sounds a bit fishy, allow us to explain…

On-demand angling platform Fishing TV is introducing World Fishing Day to celebrate the joys of the sport and highlight the “incredible power” of angling to better the world and people’s lives.

Fishing TV hopes to reel in viewers by providing free access to what it believes is the first ever 24-hour live global TV show of “incredible fishing action” through their platform. The live broadcast will come out of a London-based studio, with presenters introducing pre-recorded VTs and link-ups to live fishing action from dozens of locations around the world.

The presenting line-up includes Matthew Wright (formerly of The Wright Stuff), the BBC’s Fiona Armstrong and Sky’s Keith Arthur.

If that hasn’t already got you hook, line and sinker, there will also be thirty free events across the UK for families and anybody interested in taking up the sport to attend and try it out.

We have a feeling World Fishing Day is going to cause a big splash… okay I’ll stop now.

Fishing TV’s content is available via


Watch coverage of World Fishing Day live here.

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