Emmerdale: kidnapper Beth turns violent – will she kill Amelia?

The schoolgirl is being lied to by her menacing captor


Emmerdale’s missing Amelia Spencer may be alive and well, but she’s clearly in danger from her kidnapper Beth after a sinister confrontation ended in violence. What is her agenda, and could Amelia end up dead?


In dramatic scenes just aired in an hour-long edition on Thursday 21 June, more details emerged about Amelia’s mysterious disappearance following Tuesday’s reveal the schoolgirl was seemingly safe and happy, secretly hiding in a run-down house in Hotten with a woman called Beth.

We learnt vulnerable Amelia had befriended Beth in an online chatroom and had turned to her new friend after discovering ‘uncle’ Daz was really her biological father, wrecking her relationship with Dan, the man she believed was her dad up until the recent bombshell.

Beth and Amelia seemed to be firm pals, but it was clear Beth had her own ominous plan and was creepily manipulating Amelia into rejecting her feuding family, suggesting they were too caught up in their own dramas to care about her welfare, and through careful banning of any outside media has convinced the youngster no one is looking for her – so Amelia has no idea of the extensive police search being conducted.


Flashes of a threatening side emerged when Amelia asked if they could leave the house and Beth panicked, threatening if she was caught she’d be taken into care – Ms Spencer has been effectively groomed by her captor and believes she is being held voluntarily, not realising she’s been brainwashed.

As suspicious Amelia found her mobile phone, which Beth had kept hidden, a row broke out as the girl questioned her abductor’s motives – but Beth turned on her prisoner, smashing the phone and screaming Amelia had used her to make her family jealous.

Stung and scared, Amelia apologised to Beth and promised to stay with her and that she’d never let her down…

Meanwhile, back in the village Daz continued to insist someone was framing him to look as if he is involved in his daughter’s disappearance, with the username ‘Helmand2009’ in the online chatroom a clear reference to Daz accidentally killing a fellow soldier on a training exercise while in the army.


Is Beth connected to this traumatic incident from Daz’s past, and is using Amelia as revenge? Or does Daz actually know more than he’s letting on?

Next week the story continues as Daz receives a ransom demand and flees the village in a desperate bid to find the cash. Kerry Wyatt tracks him down and demands if he does know where Amelia is, he must tell her – but with unstable Beth capable of violence, will she murder her victim before she can be found?


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