Viewers are loving Slaven Bilić’s blunt honesty during ITV’s World Cup coverage

His thoughts on whether Switzerland's goal should've been disallowed? "To be fair, I don't care"

Slaven Bilić

During the post-match analysis of the World Cup game between Brazil and Switzerland, football manager and pundit Slaven Bilić was asked what he thought about a somewhat controversial VAR decision during the match.


And his reaction was absolutely amazing.

When discussing whether Switzerland’s goal in the 1-1 draw should have been allowed, Ian Wright and Gary Neville argued that a foul had taken place.

But when Bilić was asked, he said “If I was Brazil manager, I would ask for a foul… if I was Swiss manager I would say no foul. So it’s one of them.”

Told he was sitting on the fence and pushed to make a decision between the two, he simply said: “To be fair, I don’t care”, prompting his fellow pundits to fall about laughing.

Viewers were absolutely loving Bilić’s blunt honesty – and even more so the fact that the Croatian manager managed to get a smile out of Roy Keane:


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