EastEnders: Mo confronts the E20 thief – but who is it?

Could it be Hunter, Woody, Sharon - or maybe even Phil?

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Canny Mo Harris has confronted the thief who stole £15,000 from the E20 club in tonight’s EastEnders – but we still don’t know the identity of the culprit. True to form, Mo has decided to blackmail the as-yet-unidentified criminal, but only she (and not viewers) saw who she targeted.


In the run-up to the cliffhanger scene, Jack was seen entrapping Mo about her so-called mystical powers, only to discover that she had a stash of surveillance tapes hidden away. As it turns out, Mo had bugged her friends and neighbours while she and Kat were on their cleaning jobs around the Square.

But rather than going to the police, Jack instead chose to grill Mo about what she’d discovered, asking her if any of her clients had come into any cash lately, perhaps after clearing out the safe at the club. But when Jack was pointed in the direction of Billy, it soon transpired that the normally luckless Mr Mitchell had merely had a win on the horses.

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Little did Jack know though that Mo knew exactly who’d been light fingered at the Walford nightspot. Thursday’s doof-doof saw her present the perpetrator with the tape, telling them: “you’ve been very naughty, but I’m willing to overlook it – for a price”. So who could be the one responsible?

Mel’s son Hunter has already come under suspicion, but might it turn out that was the guilty party all along? Sharon was the one who snatched the swag from the New Year’s Day heist – so is she now a secret kleptomaniac? Woody had ample opportunity to steal from his employer and we know that actor Lee Ryan isn’t around for so long, so perhaps he’s in Mo’s sights? Or has Phil decided to stage a robbery in a bid to force Mel from the Square? All looks set to be revealed in tomorrow night’s episode…


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