EastEnders: Vincent still alive after dead body twist?

Kim identified a dead body - but it wasn't her husband


EastEnders’ Kim Fox-Hubbard is clinging to hope her husband Vincent is still alive after a body found by the police turned out not to be the missing police informant.


Desperate to discover what really happened to her other half after he did a runner, in tonight’s episode (Monday 11 June) the worried mum-to-be discovered he cleared out their daughter Pearl’s savings account just before he fled and went to tell the police, only for the boys in blue to reveal a body had been brought in matching Mr Hubbard’s description.

Fearing the worst, Kim identified the corpse alone – but when she returned to speak to waiting family Denise Fox and Patrick Trueman she revealed it wasn’t Vincent.

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Relieved but more determined than ever to find him, Kim is now convinced Vincent is still alive and out there somewhere. What she doesn’t know is that dodgy DCI Alsworth pointed a gun at her fella when he grassed on the wrong people, and despite claiming to help Mrs Fox-Hubbard he’s actually quietly concealing any leads to Vincent’s whereabouts – as was evident tonight when we saw the officer who told Kim the body had been found secretly reported straight back to the corrupt copper.

Back at the morgue the stress of the situation caused Kim to collapse, but tomorrow’s episode sees the abandoned spouse discover her baby is okay when she goes for a scan.


But could she and the whole family now be in danger from Alsworth as she refuses to let Vincent’s disappearance go and gets closer to the truth? What, in fact, is the truth? Could Vincent genuinely still be alive? And how will Phil Mitchell talk his way out of trouble when Denise confronts him about what he knows?


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