Love Island’s Niall and Georgia kiss on their first date – and Hayley is FUMING

"See, you can't trust anyone in this game," says Hayley, who previously said Love Island wasn't a game...

Love Island episode four Niall Aslam

The drama is turned up to 11 in tonight’s Love Island, after Niall and Georgia share a kiss on their first date when they bond over a love of chicken dippers.


Who says romance is dead?

After the public voted for Alex to go on a date with Rosie and Niall to have a date with Georgia, tonight’s episode reveals what went on during their dates, as well as the fallout. And boy, is there fallout.

As Niall and Georgia sat down with a glass of Prosecco and/or fizzy wine, the pair began to chat.

“So I’m a student…” started Georgia, as Niall cut in with: “Do you like chicken dippers?”

Not seeming as taken aback as you might imagine with this clunking gear change in conversation, Georgia said: “Yep. I do like chicken dippers”, before adding that she loved a Sunday dinner. “Same!” enthused Niall, hardly believing his luck.

Love Island episode four Niall Aslam and Georgia Steel
Love Island episode four Niall Aslam and Georgia Steel

“I’ve been waiting for someone to come through the door” said Niall to Georgia, and then asked if he could have a kiss and the pair had a cheeky snog. Kendall who?

Meanwhile Alex, constantly looking over his shoulder at Niall and Georgia, asked Rosie if she was excited to be in the villa before he was left impressed with her revelation that she plays golf.

But it was back at the house itself when things really got into full swing.

After the date, Alex said he didn’t want to get his hopes up too much between himself and Rosie (probably just as well with Adam skulking around, mate) and Niall, meanwhile, said it was “class”. “I haven’t had that thing where I’ve wanted to just kiss someone…”

Then, over on the day beds, Wes dropped the bombshell that Niall and Georgia had had a cheeky kiss on the first date – and the girls were utterly beside themselves.

Hayley, following her outburst at the new girls daring to even say hello when they came into the villa, continued to be inexplicably outraged by the revelation as she said: “Shut the f***ing front door. She hasn’t mentioned that. See, you can’t trust anyone in this game.”

Love Island episode four Hayley Hughes Laura Anderson
Love Island episode four Hayley Hughes Laura Anderson

Yep, Hayley is FUMING. Again.

And calls Love Island a game…despite hauling Eyal over the coals for him insinuating that there was a competitive element involved on the show just the other day.

“I’ve dropped a bomb,” laughed Wes, nervously. We get the feeling this is not over…


Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2