Coronation Street: Anna Windass returns to face Phelan – but who’s been shot?

Debbie Rush made a surprise comeback to the cast


Debbie Rush has made a surprise comeback to Coronation Street as Anna Windass returned to bring down old enemy Pat Phelan, but the psychotic serial killer may have already claimed his next victim as a showdown on the cobbles ended in gunfire.


In dramatic scenes just shown in ITV, as the soap’s special week of episodes in a post-watershed 9pm slot continued, Phelan turned the tables on captor Gary Windass by overpowering his abductor and tying him up, along with terrified girlfriend Sarah Platt.

Leaving the pair in the builder’s yard storeroom where he’d been held, armed Pat headed for his old marital home and left wife Eileen Grimshaw reeling in horror as she came face-to-face with the man she thought had fallen to his death months ago after his murderous crimes were exposed.

Threatening to take his newborn grandchild Zack, Nicola Rubinstein leapt to her tiny son’s defence, standing up to her dastardly dad and telling him he’d have to get through her first.


In a tense stand-off, Nic dared wild-eyed Phelan to shoot her as Seb Franklin dived in to disarm him, having been hiding out in the hallway. But the violent scuffle ended with Phelan fighting off all three members of the household – with Eileen being thrown to the floor and knocked unconscious…

Back at the yard, Gary and Sarah broke free but were locked in – they froze when they heard someone unlock the door from the outside, convinced it was Phelan, only to be greeted by Anna Windass, not seen on the street since she was framed for assault by Pat back in January.

Although her return wasn’t a complete surprise to everyone, as Gary remarked to his mum: “You took your time,” to which the formerly incarcerated cafe worker replied: “Guessing it hasn’t gone to plan then…” Has Anna been secretly involved in Gary’s doomed revenge plan for Pat all along? When exactly did she get out of prison? Did daughter Faye’s FAWN (Free Anna Windass Now) campaign actually work or did the authorities have enough evidence to prove Phelan set her up?

Anna, Gary and Sarah then ran from the yard knowing Phelan had gone after Nicola and Gary’s baby boy, but the trio were stopped in their tracks when they heard a gunshot from inside number 11 – who has been shot? Will Anna face her nemesis one last time? Could she end up dead after a final confrontation?

Coronation Street’s epic week climaxes with Phelan’s last stand on Friday 1 June on ITV at 9pm.


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