EastEnders: Carmel to blame Mick following Shakil’s death

A grieving Carmel lashes out next week

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Carmel wants to find Shakil's watch Mick Carter (DANNY DYER), Carmel Kazemi (BONNIE LANGFORD) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Kieron McCarron

Carmel Kazemi is to lash out in next week’s EastEnders and blame Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter for the death of her son. Scenes to be shown on Monday will see Carmel notice that her neighbours have started a shrine for Shakil in the Square and – struggling to cope with her grief – begins to tear it apart.


After spotting Carmel destroying the memorial, Mick makes an attempt to calm her down, only for her to then lash out and say that she holds him responsible for what happened to Shakil. As fans know, Mick was seen last week rushing an injured Keegan Baker to the hospital, unaware that Shakil had also received a stab wound following a confrontation with a local gang.

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5714

Over the course of next week, Carmel’s friends and family will grow increasingly concerned for her welfare as she sets her mind on locating a watch belonging to Shakil that has gone missing.

Feeling hopeless at the thought of living without her youngest son, Carmel ends up attempting to take her won life, but immediately regrets her actions when she finds the watch and tries to reverse the situation. Tuesday’s cliffhanger then sees Kush arrive and, realising what Carmel has done, immediately call an ambulance.

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5714

Thursday’s episode of EastEnders finds Carmel insisting to the paramedics that she’s fine and assuring Kush that it was a mistake. Meanwhile, Linda arranges a new memorial for Shakil in the Square and Sharon, Denise and Karen do their best to encourage Carmel to attend.

Inconsolable, Carmel refuses to go and instead vents her fury at Karen about the unfairness of Keegan still being alive. Wanting to fix one of Shakil’s shirts, Carmel later goes to the launderette, only to find Mick in there. But will Carmel be able to understand that it wasn’t his fault? Or is she set to clash again with the guilt-ridden pub landlord?


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