Emmerdale: has Graham killed drug dealer Connor to protect Joe and Debbie?

The man of mystery leapt into action in the aftermath of Debbie's shooting


Emmerdale’s Graham Foster will do anything to protect Joe Tate, but would the loyal manservant go as far as committing murder?


That’s the question fans are wondering after this evening’s dramatic double bill where Ross Barton accidentally shot Debbie Dingle as he tried to kill Joe, believing him to be responsible for the acid attack that left him severely scarred.

After being knocked unconscious and tied up by Ross as he lay in wait for Joe to return to Home Farm so he could confront him, Graham regained consciousness just as the bolshy Barton pointed his gun in Joe’s face and leapt in the path of the bullet – only for the gun to go off and hit Debbie as she unexpectedly walked through the door.


As Ross and Joe reeled from the shooting Graham went into full-on lockdown mode, cleaning up the blood, patching up Debbie’s wound, creating a cover story about a burglary and ordering Joe and Ross to drive Ms Dingle to the hospital, and also demanding Mr Barton’s phone in case anything suspicious could be traced back to the trio who are now all complicit in the shooting.

But while flatlining Debbie’s fate hung in the balance in hospital, Graham was later seen meeting sinister drug dealer Connor, having clearly used Ross’s phone to arrange a rendezvous.


Sarcastic Connor was expecting the buff Barton and questioned who Graham was, to which the sinister Mr Foster simply answered with his trademark deadpan expression: “You and me are going to have a conversation…”

What has Graham got in mind for Connor? Is he going to scare him off in order to protect the trail leading back to Joe and his beloved Debbie? Or will his threats backfire and the dastardly dealer kills Ross, who we know is being written out following Michael Parr’s decision to quit?

Connor is not a man to be messed with, as fans saw earlier this week when he callously smacked Debbie in the face in a shocking scene, but he may have met his match in action man Graham…


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