EastEnders: Mick and Keegan in horror car smash in stabbing aftermath?

Will the pair make it through this latest crisis?

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EastEnders has left the lives of three characters on the line at the climax of Tuesday’s episode, with the fates of Mick Carter, Shakil Kazemi and Keegan Baker all hanging in the balance.


Cliffhanger scenes saw Mick discover Keegan lying injured from a stab wound to the neck and make the decision to rush him to hospital himself in the middle of the night rather than wait for an ambulance.

But while in transit, Keegan started to panic about the welfare of Shakil, who unbeknownst to everyone on the Square has also been knifed by members of a local gang.

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After failing to make himself understood, Keegan made a grab for the handle of the 4×4’s door, while Mick tried to calm him down, only to lose control of the vehicle.

The Queen Vic landlord managed to eventually bring his car to a stop across three lanes of the road. But, in true soap fashion, Mick was then seen trying and failing to restart the engine, just as a lorry came into view headed straight towards him.

Fans will now have to wait until Thursday to discover who exactly makes it through the night’s drama in once piece, although EastEnders has already confirmed that Shakil will lose his life as a result of the knife attack.

But whether Mick and Keegan will also prove to be fatalities remains to be seen…


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