Buffy the Vampire Slayer: where are they now?

What happened to everyone's favourite slayer and her Scooby Gang when they left Sunnydale?

Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers)

Who could forget Buffy’s long-suffering mother Joyce? She was the mum in Honey I Shrunk The Kids too, after all…


Post Buffy, Kristine decided to change career paths, setting up a photography studio. She eventually returned to TV in 2008, starring in miniseries Comanche Moon and popping up on US soap opera One Life To Live a few years later.

Eliza Dushku (Faith)

Troubled slayer Faith tore through Sunnydale before appearing in Los Angeles to catch up with her old pal Angel but Eliza Dushku’s dealings with Buffy creator Joss Whedon were far from over.

After taking the lead in Tru Calling (a show about a young woman who could wake the dead), Dushku became the star of Whedon’s short-lived sci-fi series Dollhouse.

You may also have spotted her guest starring in quite a few shows, including The Big Bang Theory, That 70’s Show, Ugly Betty and Banshee.

Bianca Lawson (Kendra)

The vampire slayer may not have made it to the end of the series (SPOILER) but her real-life counterpart seems rather immortal: she hasn’t aged in decades.

That’s probably why Bianca Lawson continued to land teen roles after the series ended, with appearances in Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf to her name.

And in keeping with the blood-sucking tradition, she also popped up on The Vampire Diaries playing an eternally youthful 19th Century witch.

Julie Benz (Darla)

Angel’s ex-girlfriend certainly rocked Buffy’s boat on more than one occasion and she continued to cause chaos by having a vampire baby in the Buffy spin-off.

It didn’t do Julie Benz any harm though. She went on to make her mark playing Dexter’s girlfriend Rita Bennett and picking up awards for her performance along the way.

She’s currently starring in US sci-fi drama Defiance, as the mayor of a town where humans and aliens live together in err, perfect harmony. For a while.

Juliet Landau (Drusilla)

Dru was rather good at playing a childlike vampire but when she teamed up with boyfriend Spike she could wreak more havoc than a kid in a sweet shop. And alone, she was probably one of the most terrifyingly cruel creatures on the planet.

Actress Juliette Landau reprised her role for Buffy spin-off Angel, before going on to lend her voice to a variety of animated characters in Justice League Unlimited, Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Ben 10.

Amber Benson (Tara)

Willow’s beloved Tara brought out the redhead’s inner witch so it’s no surprise Buffy’s best friend lost the magical run of herself when her missis was killed off.

Life after Buffy has been quite good to Amber Benson though. She wrote, directed and starred in two of her own films, helped create a Willow and Tara comic book, worked on Ghosts of Albion for the BBC and co-authored a book or two.

She has basically retired from acting though, as revealed in a Reddit AMA.

Danny Strong (Jonathan Levinson)

As one of The Trio who tormented Buffy and co in series six, Jonathan (who originally appeared as a friend of the group in series two) played with some powerful magic.

And he continued to work his magic post Buffy, with a number of acting roles in TV and film (including Mad Men) to his name. However, it’s his writing and producing skills that have made him a star – he co-created TV series Empire and co-wrote the screenplays for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2.

Alexis Denisof (Wesley)

He may have only briefly made it to Sunnydale before hot-footing it to LA to join Angel but watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce found a special place in fans hearts.

Post Angel, Denisof married Buffy’s own Alyson Hannigan and seemed to disappear for a little while, save for guest roles in How I Met Your Mother and a bit part in Dollhouse.

Whedon brought the actor back to the fore though, as the voice of Thanos’ servant The Other in The Avengers (a role he reprised in Guardians of The Galaxy) and in the director’s remake of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. And he’s also been in US police procedural fantasy television drama (yes, that’s a thing) series Grimm.

Anthony Head (Giles)

And of course, last but not least, there’s Anthony Head, aka Buffy’s beloved Watcher Giles.

He’s had quite the post-Buffy career, narrating Doctor Who confidential, popping up in Doctor Who itself, playing Uther Pendragon in Merlin, the Prime Minister in Little Britain, and taking on the role of Herc Shipwright in BBC Radio 4’s Cabin Pressure.


He also played Will’s dad in The Inbetweeners Movie and appeared in dramas including Girlfriends and The Split.