Coronation Street: Eileen is the victim of a sick prank – watch the brand-new scene

Is Phelan behind Eileen's torment?

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Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) will continue to be haunted by the past in Monday’s Coronation Street when she becomes the victim of a twisted prank. Having already been spooked by crank phone calls that find the person on the other end of the line remaining silent, poor Eileen looks set to face more misery when she makes a shock discovery on the doorstep of Number Eleven early next week.


After returning home, Eileen is horrified to see two blokes carrying her furniture out and loading it into an awaiting van. When Eileen demands to know what’s going on, one of the workers explains that someone called Pat booked a house clearance and gave them a key. Shaken, Eileen orders them to leave.

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And it seems that her problems look set to mount: later on, when the cab office is hit by a prank fare, Eileen realises she’s being targeted at work too. Suddenly finding herself locked in the office, her mobile phone rings and Eileen’s blood runs cold as she hears Phelan’s voice!

So is Pat pulling the strings in order to give Eileen a scare? And will there be further torment in store as the week goes on?


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