Hollyoaks: Sienna is ALIVE! Huge fake death twist revealed as Nico is captured

The shocks keep on coming as the truth behind Sienna's 'murder' emerges


Hollyoaks has delivered yet another shock twist with the reveal that Sienna Blake is still alive, having faked her death to draw out her serial killer daughter Nico after the attempt she made on her mother’s life.


Tonight’s E4 episode focused on Sienna’s funeral, as the village – and viewers, who were stunned by the character’s apparent demise earlier this week – mourned for the damaged diva, stabbed by her terrifying teenage daughter Nico, back from the dead herself 18 months after she supposedly perished in a fairground maze fire and exposed as the person behind her mother’s sinister stalking campaign.

Police officer Josh Bradley warned the cops would be secretly monitoring the funeral service on high alert in the hope Nico would show her face and try to kidnap her baby brother Sebastian, which she was foiled from on Monday. The McQueens’ urged Josh to keep Sebastian away as it was too dangerous, and the cops agreed to have officers at the house as well as the church

As February’s flash forward scene teasing the funeral hit our screens, Sally St Claire was babysitting Sebastian at the McQueens’ but had to rush the tot to A&E when he became unwell.


However, panic ensued as sneaky Nico snatched the baby when Sally’s back was turned in the hospital and dashed off, forced to flee up to the roof as she tried to avoid the police.

Then came the jaw-dropping cliffhanger as an unidentified mourner from the funeral followed Nico up to the roof and cornered her, removing their black hat and veil and revealing themselves in a hugely dramatic moment – it was Sienna, who had been working with the police and faked her death to reel in Nico.

Apologising to devastated fans for making them believe her character had died after making it look very much she’d left the show on her social media accounts, Anna Passey said: “Surprise – I’m alive! I’m so sorry we lied to you but it was completely necessary.” Revealing she’s been in hiding all week in case she gave the game away, Passey continued: “You should know by now Sienna Blake has nine, if not more, lives, and she’s not going anywhere. Thank you for your support and sorry we toyed with your emotions!”


Teasing what happens next, the actress divulged: “Make sure you stay tuned next week because it gets so much more exciting…”

As it seemed the teen terror had been ensnared, the post-credits scene showed another mysterious hooded figure entering the village and picking up an order of service from Sienna’s funeral… Have Hollyoaks got another surprise up their sleeve for next week?


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