Emmerdale: Belle pregnant by killer Lachlan – Eden Taylor-Draper reveals shock twist

"She couldn't be happier, but is oblivious to what Lachlan's been doing…"


Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle will discover she’s pregnant by Lachlan White, oblivious to the fact he’s murdered best friend Gerry Roberts and is desperately trying to cover up the crime.


Thursday’s dramatic double bill saw Lachlan bump off gormless Gerry who had just learnt the truth about the car crash that killed Chrissie and Lawrence White. A voice mail revealing Lachlan grabbed the wheel from his mum and caused the accident proves he was responsible, so the terrifying teen engineered an accident at the B&B where the unstable ceiling caved in on Gerry – but when that didn’t work nasty Lucky bludgeoned his pal with a big rock…

Fleeing the scene, Lachlan was collared by agitated girlfriend Belle, who was earlier seen hiding a bag from the pharmacy and looking extremely worried and was now desperate for a private word with her beau.

Distracted as Belle started to make a confession by Doug Potts and Diane Sugden screaming from inside the B&B, the teens raced over to hear that Gerry’s dead body had been found inside as Lachlan prayed it looked accidental and he’d get away with murder.


But what was Belle trying to tell her boyfriend? As Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays her, reveals, she’s expecting the secret killer’s baby… “Belle isn’t feeling well then realises she’s pregnant. She confides in Rebecca but when she tells Lachlan it’s the day after Gerry’s death so he is all over the place. Belle is oblivious to what he’s been doing…”

“They decide they are not going to keep it because the timing is terrible, but a few days pass and Lachlan realises it’s the light he needs, and that Belle needs, so they decide to keep it.

“After the shock Belle is over the moon and couldn’t be happier,” confides the actress. “I think it’s something they both truly want at that point.”


The pregnancy plot complicates Lachlan’s life even further, as he battles to come to terms with his latest act of evil. Does the prospect of parenthood suggest redemption for the teenage serial killer, who now has the lives of three people on his conscience?

And what of Belle herself, who’s mental health struggles have resurfaced lately as she began hearing voices again? Rather than a happy ever after, Belle being pregnant surely means more devastating drama ahead for the damaged teens…


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