EastEnders reveals Mick and Stuart’s prison secret

The pair's criminal past was revealed in tonight's episode of the soap

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EastEnders has revealed more about Mick Carter and Stuart Highway’s shared history in tonight’s episode of the BBC1 soap – and it seems that their teenage years were murky, to say the least.


Prior to tonight’s revelations, Stuart had hinted that Mick owed him a major favour and that – had events turned out differently – their situations could well have been reversed.

But it was only in scenes just shown that we discovered what had gone on: namely, that Stuart – at the age of 13 – took the blame for a crime committed by Mick and was sent to Young Offenders’.

EastEnders has yet to reveal what Mick’s misdemeanour actually was, but Stuart made it clear that the Queen Vic’s landlord current good fortune is down to the sacrifices he made as a youngster.

With Stuart’s words on his mind, Mick was later seen admitting to Linda that he was struggling to turn his back on his childhood friend.

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For her part, Linda is loathe for her husband to maintain his connection to Stuart. After all, the Walford newcomer did scheme for Mick to be found in bed with Hayley, just so he’d get into trouble with Linda once she returned from a trip to see mum Elaine.

Tensions look set to rise again in tomorrow’s episode of EastEnders, but will we discover more about why Stuart took the rap for Mick?


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