Emmerdale: Lachlan to MURDER Gerry?

Tomorrow's episode features a shock death


Emmerdale’s Gerry Roberts appears to have sealed his own fate after confronting best mate Lachlan White with the horrible truth about his family’s fatal car crash. Despite Gerry promising to keep schtum about the facts of the smash-up that ended the lives of both Chrissie and Lawrence, it doesn’t seems as though Lachlan trusts his loose-lipped best buddy to remain silent.


After all, scenes just shown saw the troubled teen make an internet search for ‘how to get away with murder’. Now unless Lachlan has developed a sudden interest in the TV crime drama starring Viola Davis, it’s likely that an attempt will soon be made on Gerry’s life.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.59.36

A recent Emmerdale promo showed Gerry crying out for help after meeting with Lachlan at the site of the repair work currently being carried out at the B&B. So will the troubled teen strike again and bump Gerry off? Or could someone else be inadvertently caught up in Lachlan’s murderous plot?

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All we currently know for sure is that a ‘terrible event’ will unfold in the village during Thursday’s double bill that ends up causing the death of a resident. By Friday, the police have arrived as the villagers gather to learn what has happened? But who has met their maker? And how far has Lachlan gone to ensure that the truth remains under wraps?


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