Hollyoaks: Adam forced to murder Zack next week?

Have we nearly reached the flash forward of Glenn forcing his son to pull the trigger?


Hollyoaks’ Adam Donovan could be forced to commit murder next week as gangster dad Glenn vows to kill Zack Loveday believing he’s grassed him up to the police – unaware his own son is the traitor.


February’s flash forward teased, among other things, a traumatised Adam pointing a gun as his evil dad urged him to pull the trigger and “Take out the grass”. Next week, Glenn is reeling after discovering someone has fed information on his organised crime empire to the cops, and with Zack recently spotted eavesdropping on an incriminating conversation Glenn leaps to the conclusion the Loveday lad is to blame.

Finding out he’s heading to the train station, Glenn drags Adam along to track Zack down so they can silence him – permanently.


Meanwhile, Adam is terrified the net is closing in on his double life as he pretends to his father he wants to be a part of his empire while simultaneously setting him up so the cops can put him behind bars. He orders wife Maxine to pack a bag and prepare to leave the village, but when she can’t get hold of her hubby while he’s out with Glenn she starts to fear the worst.

After a dramatic turn of events later in the week, Maxine is on her own mission to bring Glenn down and works with DS Roxy Cassidy to get proof against the dastardly Donovan dad – only to be caught planting recording devices in his office by the man himself…

Will the scene from the flash forward be put into context at last? Will Adam let an innocent man pay the price for his betrayal? And what does it mean for the Donovans – and Zack?


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