Emmerdale: Ross to shoot Joe dead? “He’s hell-bent on revenge,” says Michael Parr

Is a showdown set to end in bloodshed?


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Emmerdale - Ep 8158

Thursday 24th May 2018 - 1st Ep

Ross Barton [MICHAEL PARR] discovers Simon was paid to keep his mouth shut, and believing Joe Tate [NED PORTEOUS] is involved soon confronts him at gunpoint. Will Joe finally reveal Debbie’s terrible secret or will he put his own life on the line to save her? The gun goes off and someone stumbles to the ground but who has been shot? 

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Ross Barton will take aim at Joe Tate in next week’s Emmerdale after discovering that he was the one who paid off acid attacker Simon. Drug dealer Connor will be seen letting slip the truth in an upcoming episode, sending Ross on a dark mission of revenge:


“Ross has grown sick of doing jobs for Connor, so ends up threatening him. In the end, Connor tells Ross that he’s chasing the wrong person and grasses Joe up,” reveals actor Michael Parr, who plays the vengeance-fuelled Ross.


In the wake of the admission, Ross makes the knee-jerk reaction of heading over to Home Farm. But added tension comes from the fact that he’s now armed and very dangerous:

“Ross gets his hands on a gun from an old friend. It’s a very old World War Two revolver, but it’s the only one he could get hold of. It’s got space for six bullets and Ross puts just one in the chamber and heads round to see Joe.

“What you’ll see is Ross cornering Joe, spinning the barrel and before continually pulling the hammer back and pulling the trigger. That gun is going to go off at some point, so it puts a lot of pressure on Joe to reveal the truth. But he never folds.”

So is Ross really prepared to kill Joe? “Yes. Ross doesn’t know where the bullet is, so he would shoot Joe,” adds Parr.


Of course, what Ross doesn’t yet know is that Joe handing money to Simon was his way of keeping Debbie’s name out of the matter. As Emmerdale viewers are well aware, it was Debbie’s bungling that resulted in Ross getting splashed with acid in the first place. So how would Ross feel were the truth to finally come out?

“He’d be heartbroken. He’s been so hell-bent on revenge, but it would throw a massive spanner in the works should he discover that the girl he loves is responsible.”


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