Coronation Street: Phelan phone call shock as Eileen’s stalker revealed

We finally discover who's behind the creepy campaign


Coronation Street reveals who’s been stalking Eileen Grimshaw next week, with all the signs pointing to killer Pat Phelan being responsible after she receives a spooky phone call where she hears her killer husband’s voice on the other end of the line – is Pat making his presence felt, or could it be a sick prank?


Monday’s episode sees Eileen beside herself as she continues to be plagued by crank phone calls, and is then horrified to find furniture being carried out of her house by two blokes and loaded into a lorry. Demanding an explanation, she’s told someone called Mr Pat Phelan organised a house clearance and gave them a key!

Shaken Eileen’s day goes from bad to worse as the she’s targeted at Street Cars by prank bookings – finding herself locked in at the office, she’s chilled when her mobile rings and she hears Pat’s voice on the other end…


Found in a state by boss Steve McDonald, terrified Eileen shares her shock and he calls the police, and presumes someone has lifted Phelan’s voice from an old answerphone message. While this starts to calm Eileen’s paranoia her husband is still alive (little does she know…) she points the finger at Alya Nazir for spooking her with the call, thinking she blames her for being in on dead boyfriend Luke Britton’s murder at Pat’s hand!

A brick is then chucked through the window of number 11 and Eileen’s phone rings again – and viewers will discover the identity of the caller as we see them lurking in the ginnel…

Is it Pat? Surely no one else wants to unnerve poor old Eileen as much as her murdering other half – do they?


Later in the week, Gary Windass discovers Phelan didn’t fall to his death into the sea at Easter when he suspects he’s secretly contacting daughter Nicola Rubinstein by posing as a fellow mum-to-be on an online forum. Putting the pieces together, Gary finds Phelan very much alive and living in a caravan site in north Wales and lies in wait to make his next move – setting the scene for Pat’s epic return to the cobbles in a special week of episodes beginning Monday 28 May, teased in a recent trailer…

Will Phelan claim more victims in his final week on the cobbles?


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