Emmerdale: Charity and Vanessa play Mrs and Mrs – watch the brand-new video

See stars Emma Atkins and Michelle Hardwick answer 60 seconds' worth of questions

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Fans of Charity and Vanessa’s relationship on Emmerdale get an extra treat as the pair – played by Emma Atkins and Michelle Hardwick – take part in a Mrs and Mrs Competition.


On screen at the moment, it’s all angst and anguish for the duo what with Charity confronting the traumas of her past, but in this special video, you can see them behind the scenes trying to decide who is the messiest, the most laid-back, the loudest, the cleverest and the funniest.

However, when it comes to making a decision on whether it’s Charity or Vanessa who’s the best kisser, then things just might get a little bit fraught. Watch out for Michelle Hardwick’s cheeky wink to camera…

All in all, this is 60 seconds of goodness that should make the day of all those #Vanity fans across the country.

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