EastEnders: Max and Rainie’s scam in jeopardy following Phil’s shock discovery

Phil turns the tables on his enemy as cracks show in the sham marriage


The battle between EastEnders alpha males Phil Mitchell and Max Branning took another twist as Phil began blackmailing his rival upon finding out wife Rainie was selling dodgy motors at the car lot, potentially scuppering Max’s plan to get custody of baby Abi. What will Max do next?


Max is paying former sister-in-law Rainie to pose as his wife so social services believe he can offer a stable home in which to raise his tiny grandchild, with remorseful Max having promised on dead daughter Abi’s memory to do right by her baby.

The couple’s facade of a marriage showed signs of cracking tonight when social services expressed concern they had rushed into the union and questioned Max’s mental health following his suicide attempt in December and his continuing grief at losing his daughter. Nervous that no custody would mean no pay day, selfish Rainie nearly blew the act in front of the social worker.


On top of this, Phil had used Robbie Jackson to do some digging at the car lot to determine what Max was up to and if he could prove he doesn’t actually own the business, and Mr Mitchell was delighted when some paperwork revealed Rainie was shifting dodgy cars.

Confronting Max with the smoking gun that could make him look far from suitable parent material if the authorities found out, smug Phil promised to keep quiet – but for a hefty cut of the profits. Max then railed at Rainie for making Maximum Motors not strictly legit, as his fresh start spiralled into disaster with his arch-enemy calling the shots.


Next week, Phil puts more pressure on Robbie to get info on his uncle Max, but suspicious Rainie realises her step-nephew is not to be trusted and takes action. Will loose canon Rainie wreak her own revenge on ex-lover Phil and make the situation even worse?


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