Emmerdale: Bails faces investigation as Charity rages – watch the brand-new scene

Get a sneak peek look at tonight's episode

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Charity will continue to rage at predatory DI Bails in tonight’s Emmerdale as the corrupt copper faces a police investigation. Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap picks up where Tuesday’s left off with Bails on the back foot after being confronted at the press launch of a campaign to support sex workers.


Charity has already branded Bails a rapist, telling the audience that she’d been sexually abused by him when she was a teenager.

Now, as uniformed officers drag Charity away, Bails is sent home despite his protestations of innocence. With an investigation into Charity’s allegations now in the offing, this could well be the moment that Bails finally gets his comeuppance.

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Find out whether this does indeed prove to be the case when Emmerdale returns at 7.00pm.


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