EastEnders: Halfway is hiding something EVEN bigger – here’s what happens next

More secrets are being kept by Whitney's fella


EastEnders hinted at more skeletons rattling in Halfway’s closet tonight when he freaked out after being hailed a hero by the whole of Albert Square at a surprise party following the revelation of how he got his injury – but is the army chef lying about his act of bravery?


Embarrassed at being the centre of attention as Mick Carter led the locals in a toast to the serviceman for saving childrens’ lives and getting a piece of shrapnel lodged in his side in the process, Halfway couldn’t cope and had to nip out to Arthur’s bench for some air.

As Mick followed him out, Halfway looked forlorn and a little furtive as Mick encouraged him to return to the festivities that had been thrown in his honour – with the implication being Mr Highway hadn’t been completely honest about how his serious injury occurred.


Of course he could’ve been nervous at the thought of seeing his big brother Stuart again, who failed to turn up much to Mick’s chagrin who was looking forward to reconnecting with his childhood pal – though the elder Highway sibling will appear soon, played by newcomer Ricky Champ.

The mystery deepens on Monday when Halfway continues to be distant with girlfriend Whitney Carter and ignores her calls. And when money goes missing from the pub till, Linda Carter points the finger at the family friend – is he really responsible for the robbery? And what is really haunting Halfway about his most recent stint in the armed forces?


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