Emmerdale: Joe kisses Debbie after she saves his life – “He wants her back” reveals Ned Porteous

Are the couple back together after tonight's brush with death?


Emmerdale’s Joe Tate had his life saved by ex-girlfriend Debbie Dingle after he jumped into a lake from the edge of a quarry, leading to a passionate kiss between the former lovers that could see them reignite their romance.


While bonding with little brother Noah as they went mountain-biking through the woods, the enigmatic entrepreneur displayed his vulnerable side as he opened up about what life was really like with their late father Chris.

Admitting his childhood was far from perfect and that cruel Chris was hardly the model parent, Joe was full of remorse for projecting his issues onto Charity and Debbie and trying to make them pay for his father’s mistakes.

Dared by Noah to jump into the lake as they sat near the quarry’s edge, impulsive Joe plummeted into the water below – but didn’t come to the surface for a worryingly long time…

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Angry Debbie arrived on scene to march truant Noah back to school, having been tipped off by Graham Foster as to the Tate boys’ whereabouts, but was met with the little lad’s horror at what had just happened to his big brother.

As she spotted lifeless Joe floating she pulled him out and administered CPR that saved his life while the ambulance was on its way. The moody millionaire regained consciousness and lovingly looked up at Debbie for saving his life.

Later at the hospital, Debbie came to visit her ex and a charged moment led to a kiss, as Ned Porteous, aka Joe, reveals: “When Joe comes round in hospital all his feelings for Debbie come flooding back. He needs to believe she feels the same way for him and manages to steal a kiss, but she’s not in the best head space right now.”


Torn by her conflicted emotions, Deb did a runner, but Porteous reveals Joe is on a mission to get his girl back. “Joe doesn’t know where this is going to go, but he knows he wants to be with Debbie and he does love her. But does he believe she loves him back?”

Next week, the pair make tentative steps towards a reconciliation, but fearing the negative reaction from their families they conduct a clandestine liaison at Home Farm – although someone soon rumbles the fact they’ve reunited…

Can Joe and Debbie get a happy ending, or are the couple cursed?


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