EastEnders: Max and Rainie’s marriage is a SHAM – Jake Wood and Tanya Franks react to tonight’s twist

Apparently, it's all going to get "very messy"

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The union of Max and Rainie has been revealed to be a purely financial arrangement on tonight’s EastEnders.


The pair’s wedding may have raised eyebrows among fans earlier this week, but this evening’s episode of the BBC1 soap made it plain that the two of them aren’t really in love at all. Scenes just shown saw Max remind Rainie that he needs to present the image of a stable, happy relationship if he stands a chance of getting custody of baby Abi.

And if ex-junkie Rainie messes up (as she almost did during a meeting with the social worker), then she won’t get a penny from the deal she’s made with Max! So does Rainie trust Max to pay up?

“I don’t think Rainie trusts anyone – she doesn’t necessarily think things through. She acts spontaneously and if she sees an opportunity for her, she’ll go for it,” says actress Tanya Franks. “They are united on the plan, but it certainly throws up a lot of tension.”

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And what of Max in all of this – can he be sure of support from Rainie? Says Jake Wood: Max has his own agenda in mind, so has he got Rainie’s welfare in the front of his mind? No, I don’t think so. But, of course, he’s got to hope that she can keep clean – it’s part of their deal.

“She has to be on best behaviour otherwise she’s not going to get any money. Max, at this moment, is very much holding all the cards in the relationship but whether that dynamic will shift at all, we’ll have to wait and see and that’s what will be interesting over the coming months.

“I don’t think either of them have really thought it through, what it means day to day, to be living together and pretending to everyone that they’re a couple. Of course that has its own pressures, so viewers will see just how that pans out.”

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And what can Wood tease will be in store for Max over the months ahead? This is a new direction for Max in some ways, with this new story and determination. It’s very complicated and it’s been really exciting to film, especially the relationship between Max and Rainie.

“It’s going to get very messy over the next few months and the test is whether they’re able to stick to the plan or not, but yes it’s going to get very messy for the pair of them.”

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