Neighbours: Paul and Jane mourn the death of a Ramsay Street legend

Which Erinsborough favourite dies next week?


Neighbours’ fan favourite Jane Harris returned to Ramsay Street recently on the trail of some family treasure buried in her old house, but she’s called away next week after receiving some tragic news – her grandmother Mrs Mangel has died.


Having admitted she came back to Erinsborough after almost 30 years looking for some valuable stamps her formidable nan Nell left behind, Jane is forced to admit defeat as her search proves to be fruitless.


Opening up to old boss Paul Robinson, spiky Jane softens as she confesses her resentment at having to put her life on hold for decades while she’s cared for her grandmother in the UK.

It’s then she hears that gossip-loving legend Mrs Mangel has passed away, leaving Jane riddled with guilt that it happened while she was on the other side of the world. In a touching gesture, Paul gives Jane the famous Helen Daniels portrait of Mrs M currently hanging in the hotel lobby as a gift, and as it’s being taken out of the frame to be transported the elusive stamps fall out – they were hidden in the painting the whole time!


Jane is thrilled as it means she can pay for the damage to the Rebecchis’ garden she caused when she tried to dig up her nan’s old fireplace looking for the loot, and have enough cash left to start a new life. Grieving but feeling a sense of closure, Plain Jane Superbrain bids farewell to Ramsay Street – just as a spark was developing between her and Paul…

Will she be back for another visit soon and get closer to romance with the Robinson rogue?

Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.


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