EastEnders exit: is Vincent REALLY dead? Richard Blackwood reveals all

The actor speaks out about his final scene on the BBC1 soap

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EastEnders fans have been left with a killer question to answer tonight: is Vincent Hubbard dead? Everyone’s favourite police informant was seen having an eleventh hour crisis of conscience, only to be bundled into the back of a car and driven away at speed out of Walford.


Phil Mitchell had given Aidan Maguire’s associates – including corrupt copper DCI Alsworth – instructions to rough Vincent up a bit. But we didn’t like the look of that gun being levelled at Vincent in tonight’s cliffhanger. And after what happened to Luke Browning recently, it certainly isn’t looking good for the harassed Mr Hubbard. Here, actor Richard Blackwood reveals all about his final scenes on the BBC1 soap and how he feels to be leaving EastEnders:

How did you react when you read those final scenes?
I liked the fact he decided that he didn’t want to cooperate with the police. He goes one way which makes you think he’s going to do it, then he has a conversation with Kim and thinks, ‘actually I don’t want to do this anymore’. So now, essentially, they could let him walk away, but he’s too far gone, it’s too late now. He’s come too far. It was nice to read that and know that he was finally doing the right thing, but unfortunately it caught up with him.

How do you think the fans will react?
I think they will perceive it in the same way. I hope they watch it and think, ‘he wasn’t going to do it so we’ll let him off’. But we know how EastEnders is and that’s not how it works – it wouldn’t make good TV, it needs to be something gritty.

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Was it hard to say goodbye to Vincent?
It was hard in a sense that he’s been part of my life for three years and there wasn’t a Vincent before. I’m the first person to play Vincent on EastEnders. So that in itself is a great feeling. They’ve created a character which you’ve made your own and they will always remember Vincent Hubbard as me. That’s what I’ve been able to achieve. I’ll always have that in my history. But that also makes it a little easier to go because I’ve left a bit of a legacy at EastEnders. So that’s a great deal.

In your head, what’s happened to Vincent?
I think it’s left to be open. I’m cool with whichever way they want to play it. I like that it’s played that you just don’t know. The audience have to make up their own mind. I like that.

Would you like to revisit Vincent?
If it comes round again, then I would happily revisit the role.

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Is there anything you want to say to the fans or viewers?
First of all, it would be nice if you could vote for me and EastEnders at the Soap Awards. I’ve had a great time on EastEnders. I’m humbled that you’ve accepted me as Vincent. I’m just a young guy from South London who’s been pursuing his dreams and never thought I’d end up on EastEnders. Being there for three years and having fans that appreciate the character – there are no words to explain how that makes me feel. I’m just grateful.

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