Coronation Street: Eileen’s stalker still at large – is Phelan back in Weatherfield?

Tonight's double bluff implied the killer has come home


The identity of Eileen Grimshaw’s stalker in Coronation Street remains a mystery, and hints that killer Pat Phelan has returned to terrorise his wife were heavily dropped in tonight’s double bill.


Initially it appeared Seb Franklin’s errant mum Abi was behind the creepy phone calls and nails in the tyres when she was unmasked as the intruder Eileen found and attacked when she returned home with daughter-in-law Nicola Rubinstein.

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But despite Abi admitting to raiding number 11 for cash, she insisted she wasn’t behind the other intimidating incidents and that someone had left the back door wide open.

After laying into Eileen for being duped by Phelan, Abi eventually offered the hand of friendship to the serial killer’s spouse and the women ended up bonding – with Seb’s homeless mum even allowed to stay the night (as long as she treated everyone to a chippy tea).

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The cliffhanger revealed a gloved hand surreptitiously removing the spare key from beneath a plant pot out in the yard, confirming the stalker was still out there and planned to continue their gruesome games.

This follows the glimpse of Phelan given on Wednesday night from his remote B&B where he’s booked in under the pseudonym ‘Alan Frost’, in which he arranged to check out the next day because he had ‘things to do’.

‘Things’ meaning returning to Weatherfield to execute his final master plan of revenge against those who crossed him perhaps?


Speaking to earlier this week, Connor McIntyre teased Phelan’s imminent reappearance on the cobbles, warning: “Everyone should be watching out. Even those you might not expect. He feels everyone has betrayed him – even Eileen. So you have to assume he’s going to go back and ‘correct’ something. That’s how he sees it with his warped sense of morality.”

Is this the beginning of Phelan’s epic revenge?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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