Olivier Awards rename director category for Sir Peter Hall after In Memoriam blunder

The Society of London Theatre accidentally omitted the Royal Shakespeare Society founder from Sunday evening's broadcast

384136 01: Sir Peter Hall poses for a portrait August 5, 2000 in Houston, Texas. Hall is a Playwrite who has won two Tony Awards and is the former artistic director of the Royal National Theatre. (Photo by Pam Francis/Liaison)

The Society of London Theatre has renamed the director category at The Olivier Awards in tribute to the late Sir Peter Hall after failing to include him in the In Memoriam segment of Sunday night’s ceremony.


The Royal Shakespeare Society founder and former director of The National Theatre passed away in September last year, but was nowhere to be seen during the dedication segment at the 2018 awards show.

Following a formal apology on Monday morning after widespread upset on social media, The SOLT announced that it would rename the director award after Hall from 2019 onwards, “In recognition of Sir Peter’s phenomenal contribution to British theatre over many decades”. The Society also shared an updated In Memoriam video, with the theatre legend included.

“Sir Peter, as founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company and a Director of the National Theatre, was a giant of British Theatre and is sorely missed in the industry,” the statement read.

“In recognition of Sir Peter’s phenomenal contribution to British theatre over many decades, and in close consultation with the Hall family, SOLT has taken the decision to rename the Olivier Award for Best Director the ‘Sir Peter Hall Award for Best Director’ from next year’s ceremony and in perpetuity thereafter. SOLT is also reviewing the process by which people are included in the In Memoriam segment for future ceremonies.”

Watch the new In Memoriam video below.


On Monday, the Olivier Awards organisers said they were “hugely sorry for the oversight”.