Coronation Street: Eva tells Aidan about the baby – but he thinks Adam’s the dad!

And has Simon rumbled Eva and Toyah's pregnancy plot?


Coronation Street’s Eva Price finally confessed to Aidan Connor she is carrying his baby in tonight’s episodes, only to be left heartbroken when her ex accused her of lying he was the dad to cover up the fact the child is Adam Barlow’s.


Encouraged by Toyah Battersby to abandon their hare-brained plot to have Eva leave the street, give birth in secret and pass off the baby as Toyah’s surrogate’s, the pregnant Ms Price made her mind up to come clean to Aidan about the imminent arrival she’s kept under wraps for months and that she wants them to be a family.


Unsurprisingly, Aidan was immediately suspicious when she confronted him at the factory, as she’d lied about being pregnant throughout their engagement last year in order to humiliate him at the altar for his affair with maneater Maria Connor. Throwing herself at Aidan’s mercy, emotional Eva apologised for her previous deceit and insisted she was telling the truth.

But angry Aidan refused to believe he was the father seeing how quick she jumped into bed with Adam Barlow after their split, and told a stung Eva to leave him alone until she had DNA test results once the baby was born.

Meanwhile, Toyah got tearful having sacrificed her chance at motherhood for her friend and left a voicemail for partner Peter Barlow telling him they need to talk. When Eva crept into the Rovers’ backroom to find exhausted Toyah asleep, she woke her up and told her the deal was back on – but both ladies were unaware Simon Barlow was hiding in the kitchen and listening with intent, having snuck in while Toyah slept to rifle through her purse for money!


On Friday, Eva announces to Toyah she’s made a big decision regarding her pregnancy – with Catherine Tyldesley set to bow out of Corrie soon, will she decide to leave Weatherfield sooner than planned with Aidan never knowing he really is her baby daddy? Or will she make one last attempt at convincing him she’s telling the truth?

And what exactly did Simon overhear? When Toyah shares her suspicions with Peter she thinks the lad nicked £20 from her purse, will the tearaway teen reveal he was eavesdropping?

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