Coronation Street: David’s behaviour sparks suspicion – will he speak up about rape ordeal?

The Platts are concerned about David's unpredictable antics next week


Concern mounts for David Platt in Coronation Street next week when his erratic behaviour increases and he pushes everyone away as he continues to hide the truth about being raped by Josh Tucker.


Agitated when he overhears Alya Nazir is going on a date with Josh, David struggles to hide his discomfort as the salon girls enthuse about what a nice guy the predatory mechanic is. When he finds them, including new young salon intern Emma, giggling at a picture of David on Josh’s social media, the traumatised stylist loses his temper.


Meanwhile at the cafe, Gail Rodwell is minding her grandkids who sneak upstairs to the flat to see Shona Ramsey, David’s former girlfriend who he recently dumped when she pushed to find out what’s been bothering him. When David learns they’ve seen Shona he unleashes his anger on to his mum and refuses to let her look after Max and Lily if she ever lets them see his ex again.

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Shaken and confused Gail confides in daughter Sarah she’s starting to get very worried about her son’s unpredictable outbursts and frightening mood swings.

Corrie have revealed David is set to spiral further into self-destructive behaviour by bedding newcomer Emma in an attempt to prove his masculinity as the psychological fallout of the sexual assault continues to haunt him.

How long before David speaks out about Josh and seeks help in coping with his ordeal?

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