Coronation Street: Phelan is ALIVE!

Pat survives death plunge into the sea - but what's his next move?


Coronation Street has revealed Pat Phelan did not perish on Good Friday after all – the cobbles killer is alive and kicking!


In tonight’s dramatic double bill, Eileen reeled as she struggled to come to terms with the truth about her homicidal husband and had the finger of suspicion pointed in her direction when she ended up arrested for Phelan’s crimes.

With Eileen fearing a future behind bars as she was grilled by the cops, Corrie then pulled off the epic surprise that Phelan had survived falling to his apparent death into the sea last week when viewers saw the bald-headed baddie, battered and bruised but most definitely still alive and hiding out at a remote B&B!


Patching up his injuries, he obviously swam to safety and evaded capture by the cops – for now. But what are Phelan’s intentions having cheated death? Does he plan to vanish without a trace and get away with the four murders he’s responsible for and let Eileen take the blame?

Or will he plot a final revenge for those back in Weatherfield that have wronged him?

The outcome of Friday’s fight between Phelan and Eileen following his crimes being exposed was kept a closely-guarded secret by Corrie, and fans assumed the villain had met his maker when Eileen stamped on his hand sent him to a watery grave.

But it turns out you can’t keep a bad man down… What will Phelan do next?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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