Emmerdale: Aaron is kidnapped! Can Robert get him back?

There’s a hostage drama on the ITV soap next week


#Robron fans should brace themselves for more drama on next week’s Emmerdale when Aaron Dingle is abducted.


The shock kidnapping comes after Adam’s former cellmate Syd turns up in the village and threatens to harm baby Seb if Aaron doesn’t stump up £100,000.

Pretty soon, Aaron has agreed to meet with Syd, although Robert is uneasy about doing so without the money. And his worries soon mount when Cain and Aaron suggest that violence is the only way of dealing with someone like Syd.


Cain and Robert then take matters into their own hands and beat Syd up. But Robert soon discovers that he’s playing with fire when he receives a video call from Aaron and is thrown to see a live video of him gagged and bound to a chair.


So has Robert inadvertently made an already tense situation worse? And will he manage to pay off Syd and get Aaron safely home?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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