EastEnders: Kat unveils her money-making plan – but faces a big backlash

Kat's scheme doesn't go down well with the likes of Karen

EastEnders -April-June 2018 - 5684

Kat will come up with a new way of solving her family’s money problems in next week’s EastEnders when she announces that the Slaters will start a cleaning business.


Thinking that this is just the kind of plan to set the Slaters back on track, Kat soon gets busy making up leaflets for their new company – but, as it turns out, her neighbours aren’t ready to forgive and forget just yet.

Karen, in particular, is very territorial about Kat’s attempt to hijack her customers, all of which leads to a new feud between the two women.

With the backlash growing across the Square, Kat resolves to fix the situation, realising how hard she and the rest of the clan have made things for Stacey.

EastEnders -April-June 2018 - 5684

But after reaching out to Ian and getting a fresh rejection, Kat comes close to giving up. Then comes a heated showdown in the Queen Vic that sees Stacey feeling the wrath of all the pub regulars.

Are the Slaters about to be hounded out of town? Or will they make a last-ditch attempt to win their friends round?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below


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