EastEnders: Jean returns – and reveals that Kat is still alive!

But will Stacey believe what her mum has to say?

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Jean has returned to EastEnders tonight with shock news: Kat is still alive!


With Stacey and the rest of the Albert Square regulars under the impression that Kat is no more, Jean’s revelation that she spoke to her today is sure to add a complication to the Slaters’ funeral plans.

Thursday’s episode of the BBC1 soap will see Stacey grill Jean about what she means, but Mo (who, let’s face it, has been behaving very suspiciously) jumps in to undermine her.

But with Kat set to make a dramatic reappearance during her own wake, it doesn’t look as though Mo will be able to keep a lid on her secrets for that much longer.

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Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Kat Moon face the wrath of Walford’s residents when the locals turn on her following the elaborate hoax that had everyone convinced she was dead.

Desperate to make amends with the incredulous community, the Slater family fumes when they find out Mo is in deeper than they realised and has resorted to drastic measures to raise the money she needs to get herself out of her latest scrape.

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Next Thursday, Stacey urges her neighbours to hear them out and arranges to tell them everything at the pub that night. But it’s going to take a lot for the feisty gang of females to be forgiven, and it could be Stacey and Kat who have to stoop as low as Mo to restore order to the Slater household…

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