Coronation Street: David worries what rapist Josh has told Martin

Desperate to put his ordeal behind him, David pushes to move to New Zealand

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David Platt’s struggle to cope after being raped by Josh Tucker continues in next week’s Coronation Street, as he presses ahead with his snap decision to emigrate to New Zealand with his dad Martin.


Girlfriend Shona Ramsey is taken aback by his sudden desire to escape Weatherfield, and the couple argue in Monday’s episodes.

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Unable to process the horror of his sexual assault, David has yet to confide in anyone what he has been through, and insists he wants them and the kids to move to the other side of the world to be nearer Martin, who is emigrating imminently.

Friends and family question if there’s more to David’s determination, and Martin arrives at the Platts’ in the middle of a tense row between his son and Shona. As Martin makes his excuses and leaves, he runs into his son’s ‘friend’ Josh, who explains to Martin that David was angry about his move which could explain his reaction to follow him.

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When Martin tries to address this with his son, David is furious when he learns Martin has been speaking to Josh and worries what he’s said.

Martin encourages David there’s no hurry and that if he’s serious about New Zealand, he should give it more thought as it’s such a huge upheaval.

Sister Sarah wades in and points out Shona and the children don’t want to move and this is all a bit too fast.

As Martin leaves, tormented David reaches a decision about his future in Weatherfield – but what will it be? Will he allow Josh to drive him out of the country? And how long can he carry on without speaking out about being raped?

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