Coronation Street: Phelan’s shock punishment leads to Billy’s exit – will he be back?

Daniel Brocklebank reveals the vicar's future after THAT terrifying Phelan scene


Coronation Street killer Pat Phelan delivered a terrifying threat to troubled Billy Mayhew that drove the drug-addled holy man away from Weatherfield fearing for his life.


Tonight’s episode saw Billy saved from criminal charges by lawyer Adam Barlow, who vowed to help Mr Mayhew having realised he’d gone too far in trying to get revenge for mum Susan’s death.

Billy was brought back to Eileen’s place and ended up briefly alone with his ex-landlady’s husband Phelan, who unleashed a terrifying and completely out-of-the-blue tirade, forcing the crumbling clergyman on his knees and begging forgiveness for his sins and the worry he’s caused his wife by driving her son, and Billy’s ex, Todd away.

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In full-on frightening Phelan mode, the murdering builder left Billy a gibbering, remorseful wreck before appearing to soften and telling him he could beat his demons. But was twisted Phelan using a bit of reverse psychology or trying to punish him? His chilling final warning that if he let them down again it would be the last thing he ever did – personally promising “I will come for you” – was pretty haunting.

Practically biting Eileen’s hand off when she revealed she’d arranged a spell in rehab so he could get away from Phelan, Billy left Weatherfield – but not for good. Speaking to earlier this week at the unveiling of the new Corrie set extension, Daniel Brocklebank revealed there is light at the end of the tunnel as he discussed his character’s future.

“Billy finally seeks help, and that’s the worst we’ll see him for now at least. It’s been a dark old journey, and very interesting to play. I think he’ll be a better vicar because of what he’s been through! Summer will be the catalyst for him sorting himself out.”

But now he’s viewed as being a very bad boy as far as  Phelan’s moral – and almost maniacally religious – compass is concerned, is Billy in danger from the ultimate punishment from poisonous Pat?

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