EastEnders: Mick to kill Aidan in final showdown?

Will there be blood on the floor of the Queen Vic by the end of Friday?
By David Brown

EastEnders has tonight set the stage for a final battle between Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and Aidan Maguire (Patrick Bergin) as the war between the two adversaries intensified. But could one of them end up dead by the week's end?


Thursday's episode saw the Carters take action as Aidan's deadline to return his money loomed. With both Billy and Vincent having backed out of the plan to help Mick out, the beleaguered Queen Vic landlord decided to leave with his family in order to evade Aidan's clutches.

But as Mick and Linda arrived at the local Tube station, Mick lied to Linda and claimed that he'd forgotten his wallet. After telling his beloved wife to go ahead on her own, Mick doubled back to the bar, where he was last seen lying in wait for his enemy.

Show bosses are keeping the outcome of Friday's confrontation under wraps, but we can reveal that Mick's efforts to get rid of Aidan once and for all look set to go awry after the Irish gangster refuses to back down.

As tensions between the two men comes to a head, who will come out on top?

And might someone be losing their life in the process? Find out when EastEnders returns tomorrow at 8.00pm.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's drama on EastEnders below


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